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What is ASA!?

The premier low-impact workout evolution, an engaging fusion of modern club movements with cultural African energy into an enchantingly upbeat event, a life-changing total body endurance experience!

*Set to the latest tunes in Afrobeat, Azonto, Alkayida, Makossa, and Soukous*

*Infusing the latest and the most classic African mvoements with innovative exercise*

*Routines designed from the mind of a professional dancer and a fitness and rehabilitation specialist*

*Designed to target and enhance cardiorespiratory capacity, dynamic strength, functional stength, and core strength*

A few of our other formats
ASA! Plus-  Boost you ASA! workout with an additional 15 minute non-stop circuit of endurance exercises 
ASA! 2.0- Everything Twice! This is ASA! with a superset twist! Each muscle group is targeted twice!

A Look Back

ASA! Is based, primarily, in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Active since 2009,  it was first offered at a prominent metropolitan sports club chain.  Whle earning her bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine,  founder and creator, Akosua Akoto, also taught the class at several different locations as a substitute instructor.  In 2011 it  was introduced to dance studios in the Maryland area and had unexpectedly grown in popularity. Akosua put her aspirations as a rehabilitation physician on hold to focus more on enhancing the program and building the brand. Working as a physical therapist technician and personal trainer for athletes, senior citizens, and everyone in between, Akosua was beginning to see the potential for something more than dance fitness. Upon earning a masters degree in Human Performance and Injury Prevention along with 3 national fitness certification including the Performance Enhancement Specialist certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Akosua had begun to promote ASA! as something truly groundbreaking!

In just 5 years ASA! has hit 11 American cities, 4 Caribbean countries, 2 African countries, and 1 Pacific nation. The unique format as well as the official ASA! sports apparel and the signature ASA! Lappa, inspired by traditional west African garb, has elevated the progressive dance fitness program into a major trend!

Believe it not,  weight loss and toning come in at number 2 on the long list of testimonials. Number one? – Increased stability  and reduced pain in the knees! With strength training and functional movement at its core, ASA! helps to stabilize and strengthen muscles surrounding troublesome joints, allowing for increased stability and function. Not many dance fitness programs have had clinical study and evaluations by major physical therapists. ASA! Fanatics are of all different shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds including, Yaa- Ade- our 18 year old dancer rehabilitating from patellafemoral pain syndrome and Ms. Herring, our 78 year old “lover of life” who just cant seem to get enough! In addition to overall body conditioing, particiapants have also experienced increased mobility, reduced blood pressure, and enhanced mental and emotional states.

Our instructors audition and  train for 4 months in the ASA! technique as well health and fitness seminars from our company physican, Dr. Fofie Akoto and founder and rehabilitation specialist, Akosua Akoto. We believe fitness should be more than 1 hour in your daily planner. Physical fitness is only part of the package. Get to a class and experience the communal promotion of health, wellness, happiness, and fitness! Welcome to ASA!


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Our Mission with ASA!

To promote whole health and wellness through the art of movement......

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