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Video Resume: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-mPKwTjZVE

Choreography Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4q1shSpzeE

Akosua Akoto

Akosua Akoto is a professional dancer, dance instructor, choreographer and personal trainer specializing in

  • Endurance training,
  • metabolic conditioning,
  • rehabilitation and injury prevention and
  • the implementation of the Optimal Performance Training Model (OPT model)

As a traditional West African dancer, Akosua made her first appearance on stage at age 3. Her early work in choreography and dance instruction began at age 13 for a collection of after school programs in the Washington DC metropolitan area. She taught her first adult African dance class at age 15. In this same year she was given opportunity to expand upon her experience and serve as lead and assistant choreographer for several dance companies. Attending Howard University, Akosua maintained an active involvement in the Dance Department under the direct tutelage of Dr. Sheryl B. Johnson and occasional works with world renowned choreographer, Ronald K. Brown.  Akosua’s most recent works include choreography for hip hop artist Jidenna and appearances at the BET award preshow, MTV Video Music Award pre show, and the music video “Little Bit More”.  She is the founder of the SBJ West African Dance and Mentorship program, a dedication to Dr. Sheryl B. Johnson. She is a co-founder of the 5 The Hard Way New Year’s Eve Bash, an annual celebration and a village experience of traditional West African dance. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the hit Afrobeat dance company, ASA! Kelenya. Akosua currently performs with traditional west African dance and drum performing company, Fara Fina Kan. Previous works in traditional dance include a tour of Cote D’Ivoire with Nai Zou and Co.. She continues to perform and instruct nationally, internationally and in collaboration with various world renowned musicians and choreographers. In addition to her work in dance, Akosua is co-owner, founder and costume designer for FUZE carnival. An African mas troupe for Antigua carnival inspired by ASA!.

Akosua earned a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine from Howard University and a Master’s Degree in Human Performance, Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention form California University of Pennsylvania. She began her career in exercise science working simultaneously as a physical therapist technician, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Akosua is a nationally certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and holds the Performance Enhancement Specialist certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Speed Specialist Certification through the National Academy of Speed and Explosion.  In addition to managing and facilitating the ASA! movement, Akosua serves as the Group Fitness and Programming Director at Rock Creek Sports Club. In 2009, Combining extensive experience as a professional dancer and certified personal trainer, Akosua founded ASA Enterprises; a company promoting whole health and wellness from a cultural perspective. The company is spearheaded by ASA!- the premiere low impact, high intensity workout evolution, an engaging fusion of modern African club movements with traditional African energy.  The umbrella company also offers the official line of ASA! athletic apparel, personal training services, group exercise programs and the latest African dance sensation- ASA! Kelenya; the official performing company of ASA! Enterprises. Since it’s inception, ASA! Enterprises has held classes in 21 gyms in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area. It has hosted workshop events in 14 US cities, 3 Caribbean nations, 2 African nations and most recently, New Zealand. Akosua has committed her life to the promotion of physical, mental and emotional health and wellness, positive self-images, and the preservation of culture in its truest form.

Favorite Quotes:

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives” –Jackie Robinson

“I don’t really know why I care so much. I just have something inside me that tells me that there is a problem, and I have got to do something about it. I think that is what I would call the God in me.  All of us have a God in us, and that God is the spirit that unites all life, everything that is on this planet. It must be thisvoice that is telling me to do something, and I am sure it’s the same voice that is speaking to everybody on this planet — at least everybody who seems to be concerned about the fate of the world, the fate of this planet.” -Wangar Mathaai

 “I had no epiphany, no singular revelation, no moment of truth, but a steady accumulation of a thousand slights, a thousand indignities and a thousand unremembered moments produced in me an anger, a rebelliousness, a desire to fight the system that imprisoned my people. There was no particular day on which I said, Henceforth I will devote myself to the liberation of my people; instead, I simply found myself doing so, and could not do otherwise.”  – Nelson Mandela



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