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ASK KOS- "What can seniors do to help with balance?"

Akosua Akoto Here to give you the facts. You make the decision. QUESTION  OF THE WEEK: What exercises do you recommend for seniors who want to be/stay healthy with equilibrium issues?   Before we get into the exercises, lets make sure that we are treating the right thing.  Issues with equilibrium, particularly in individuals over the age of 60, can be attributed to many conditions. Individuals experiencing dizziness an imbalance are often given ineffectual care, Read more

Ask Kos- Can I tone without going to the gym?

Posted on December 25th, 2016 by ASA

Akosua Akoto Here to give you the facts. You make the decision. QUESTION Is it possible to achieve muscle definition in my upper body, specifically arms and back without going to the gym and lifting weights?   The concept of “toning” implies a regiment that creates more muscles and less fat giving the body a more “sculpted” or “defined” appearance. Let’s start by briefly (and in the most BASIC way) reviewing the function and characteristic Read more

Ask Kos - Should I wear my waist trainer during my workout?

Posted on December 18th, 2016 by ASA

   Akosua Akoto- …here to give you the facts. You make the decision. Waist trainers or latex waist cinchers are corset-like contraptions that clinch the core, hips, and back, to give a woman a more hour-glass figure. And since celebrities are wearing them, the world has caught on with little to no research…. or private chefs, personal trainers and plastic surgeons on call. It so happens that the areas of the body targeted by these Read more

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