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Starting your fitness journey at 40- Its never too late!

“I have never been a physically active person, but at 40 years old I realize that exercise is important to my health.  What do you recommend I do to start exercising?” So, I have finally come to terms with the title “Entrepreneur/grad school student”. I am pursuing a master’s degree in Human performance, Injury prevention and rehabilitation from California University of Pennsylvania. This semester I am taking classes in program design. One of my assignments was…

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Definition of low impact exercise

“Low-impact exercise is any weight-bearing activity that involves at least one foot on the ground at all times. Weight-bearing activities are those that make you work or move against gravity. Low-impact activities include walking and using elliptical trainers and stair-step machines. Weightlifting or strength training is also a low-impact exercise, but it is considered an anaerobic exercise that builds muscle tissue; the other low-impact exercises are aerobic exercises performed for longer durations and work to improve…

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Our Mission with ASA!

To promote whole health and wellness through the art of movement......

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